Kenya Power Pension Fund CSR Week

CSR at Tezo Primary School in Kilifi

The Fund continues to uphold its long-standing commitment to social responsibility through implementation of sustainable development initiatives and promotion of social progress in an effort to meaningfully impact the communities around us, our stakeholders, and the industry as a whole.

To kickstart our Corporate Social Responsibility program 2023, the Secretariat paid a visit to Tezo Primary School in Kilifi where in-kind donations were made to the school. During a prior visit, it was noted that a majority of the learners attended their classes while sitting on the cold hard floors, a situation that was not ideal for the learners not only due to the discomfort it poses, but also due to the exposure to elements such as dust that the students were subjected to on a daily basis. That notwithstanding, the resilience of the students was evident as most of them were still determined to come to school and get their education despite the prevailing circumstances. As such, the Fund donated desks, tables, and chairs to the school in a bid to foster a better learning environment for the students, which would hopefully improve their learning outcomes, and benefit the Tezo community at large.

This donation serves as part of the planned initiatives by the Fund to offer greater value to the society, and we shall continue to conduct our operations with a constant awareness of the society’s needs and social responsibility.