An Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) is a top-up contribution that you can make to the pension scheme over and above the monthly mandatory 5% of your basic salary. As per the Scheme’s Trust Deed & Rules, the monthly contribution rates are 5% and 10% by the employee and employer respectively.

Most members of pension funds in Kenya retire at an income replacement ratio of twenty percent (20%) of their pre-retirement salary. Ideally, a member should retire at an income replacement ratio of seventy (70%) of their pre-retirement salary in order to be financially independent and secure. To this effect, the Fund provides its members with an opportunity to make extra savings for when they shall be out of employment

If you wish to make AVC, please fill in the AVC application form and send it to us through, or return it to the Secretariat Offices located at Stima Plaza Annex (3rd Floor).

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