Board committees are formed when it is efficient or necessary to facilitate effective decision-making. Committees focus on specific areas and take informed decisions within the framework of delegated authority and make specific recommendations to the Board on matters in their area of purview. The board’s present standing committees are:

The Committee Responsibilities

Risk Committee;
  • Approve risk management policies
  • Identify new risks and monitor known risks
  • Approve risk mitigation strategies
  • Monitor implementation of risk management aspects of strategy
Audit Committee
  • Monitor the internal audit function
  • Review results of internal audit and make recommendations on required actions
  • Review the half-year and end-year annual statements before submission to the board

Risk & Audit Committee members;

  • Kosgey Kolil – Chairman
  • Imelda Bore
  • Cecilia Kalungu
  • Rosemary Oduor

The Committee’s responsibilities

Strategy Committee
  • Review and make recommendations to the board on the overall strategy of the Fund.
  • Monitor the execution of the strategy by management, except for those aspects more appropriately covered by other committees.
  • Review the performance of the Fund in meeting its strategic objectives.
  • Consider and make recommendations to the board concerning new strategic initiatives, alliances and potential partnerships.
Finance Committee
  • Consider and make recommendations on the annual budgets for the Fund.
  • Monitor performance against budgets on a quarterly basis.
  • Review and approve any extraneous budget requests.
Investment Committee
  • Review and make recommendations to the board on the investment policies standards and procedures.
  • Monitor portfolio performance and implementation of investment strategies.
  • Monitor the performance of the fund managers and take any necessary actions to ensure compliance with the investment policies and regulatory requirements
  • Report to board on quarterly basis on investment performance of the Fund.
  • Review and make recommendations on new investment opportunities.
  • Conduct an analysis and advice the board on overall financial trends in the market.
  • Review and advice the board on the appointment of investment managers, custodians and bankers.
Strategy Finance & Investment Committee members;
  • Ernest Nadome – Ag. Chairman
  • Rosemary Oduor
  • Stephen Vikiru
  • Imelda Bore

The Committee’s Responsibilities

Procurement Committee;
  • Oversee procurement activities.
  • Ensure compliance with any relevant procurement legislation.
  • Review and approve procurement plans and policies.
Governance Committee;
  • Monitor compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Approve all governance policies and procedures.
  • Make recommendations on any changes to governance structure.
  • Monitor implementation of governance aspects of strategy.
HR & Compensation Committee;
  • Approve compensation policies and procedures.
  • Conduct the hiring and performance evaluation of the CEO.
  • Conduct and oversee long-term succession planning for Senior Management and the Board of Trustees.
  • Review any changes to HR structure or policies proposed by the CEO.
  • Monitor implementation of HR and organizational aspects of strategy.

Governance , HR & Compensation Committee members;

  • Cecilia Kalungu – Chairperson
  • Ernest Nadome
  • Imelda Bore
  • Kosgey Kolil

The Committee’s responsibilities include;

  • To oversee the implementation of the Project in accordance with the directives and approvals of the Board.
  • To monitor the progress of the implementation of the project especially with regard to:
  • To give necessary advice, guidance and support to the project manager and the other consultants on all project related matters to ensure that the project is well implemented
    • Quality of works
    • Pace of construction
    • Expenditure/budget
    • Compliance to building and other regulations
  • To receive and review monthly reports prepared and submitted by the Project Manager and the other consultants.
  • To ensure that appropriate mechanisms are put in place to ensure close co- operation amongst the consultants involved in the implementation of the Project.
  • To give necessary advice, guidance and support to the Project Manager and the other consultants on all project related matters to ensure that the project is well implemented.
  • To report on monthly basis to the Board of Trustees on matters related to the implementation of the Project.
  • To coordinate the flow of information from the Board to the Project Manager, contractor and the other consultants
  • To make recommendations and seek approval from the Board on matters that it deems require approval from the Board.

Project Implementation Committee (PIC) members;

  • Ernest Nadome - Chairman
  • Rosemary Oduor
  • Cecilia Kalungu
  • Stephen Vikiru