CSR at Nyairichia Special School in Nyamira

As a Fund, we recognize that like other sectors of our economy, we are accountable to our stakeholders, the environment, and the local communities in which we operate in/co-exist.

In consideration of the same, the Fund participates in various CSR activities annually. This year, the Fund visited and made donations to Nyairicha Special School in Nyamira. The school was established to cater for learners with special needs and equip them with the relevant skills to lead near normal lives, and become self-reliant through acquisition of basic literacy, numeracy, pre-vocational and vocational skills. The school follows Competency Based Curriculum (Stage Based) for learners with mental challenges and autism from the age of 6 years onwards.

The school had begun putting structures in place to have a boarding section to accommodate some of their most vulnerable learners to reduce cases of school dropouts and other vile incidences that some of their students were exposed to on their commute to and from school. Therefore, the Fund donated beds, mattresses, food items, a water tank, and sanitary items to support the school in realizing this goal. Interacting with the learners and the school staff was very eye-opening and certainly gave us a different perspective of the challenges that those who are differently abled face on a daily basis. As such, we aim to continuously embrace responsibility for our corporate actions and to encourage everyone to make a positive impact, however trivial, to the communities around us.