Customer Service Week 2021

The Fund continues to prioritize the provision of quality services to its members. In doing so, the Secretariat regularly participates in activities that engage and remind our members of our commitment to customer satisfaction.

On the second week of October 2021 the Secretariat participated in several activities to mark the annual Customer Service Week. This is an annual international celebration that calls attention to the importance of customer service and the people who provide it. The week is usually observed by execution of different customer centric activities around the theme of the year.

This year’s theme was ‘Driving Customer Inclusion, and in the spirit of having all our internal and external customers feel included and recognized, the Customer Service Committee organized and implemented a number of activities including distribution of gift items to members across different regions, holding a forum with a number of beneficiaries, a staff training on teamwork amongst others. As exemplary customer experience is important to us, we continue to put the members’ needs first even after this event.