Fire Safety and Burns Awareness Week 2022

In a bid to highlight the different issues surrounding fire safety and burns awareness in Kenya, a number of organizations come together annually to observe the Fire Safety and Burns Awareness Week. These institutions collectively send out unified risk reduction messages to the general public, through different campaigns in an effort to find solutions to fire incidences and other similar disasters. This is executed through digital media, walks by participating organizations where different fire safety drills are showcased, amongst other activities. This year’s publicity campaign was themed “Fire does not wait, plan your response- Moto hausubiri, jipange mapema”.

The Fund was well represented in the exercise which took place from 11 th to 14 th October 2022. Members of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee alongside other staff members showed up in solidarity with the Sponsor’s representatives to sensitize different communities within the County. Over time, certain areas which had formerly been blacklisted by the Nairobi County Fire Services as being notorious disrupting fire safety teams’ efforts to mitigate disasters have since established effective fire prevention and response mechanisms as a result of this exercise.